Top 10 Women Pop in Latin


Top 10 Women Pop in Latin


Latin pop is little without female voices. Tenderness, pain, sensuality, and much movement are some of the features of the following singers.

1. Gloria Estefan

The pioneer. Despite being the Mecca of pop and having the entire apparatus of the music industry, Estefan fulfilled the Mission of presenting it to Latin America. Its launch was Miami in its purest form: a long song in English with tropical arrangements entitled Conga. Then came ballads like don’t forget you and your tribute to Cuban music with my land. Like other artists of the United States, he educated his voice in a church choir. It marked an era. >>

2. Yuri

The Mexican Madonna. She was among the first to show a look sensual and colorful on stage, in addition to choreography. Her image was synonymous with the eighties pop. Although it was a ballad singer consummated, in topics such as you and me and kiss me you can hear power printed to eighties music synthesizers.

3. Daniela Romo

Everything about Daniela Romo is long. Your body, your hair, your nose, and your intonation. An artist fun, always ready to encourage the public. With resources other than the Yuri, the Romo won with a cheerful personality and many titles to charts. In retrospect, we can say that Daniela Romo was one of the big five of Latin music in the 80s.

4. Shakira

Big words. I take the throne of Latin pop in 1995 when it appeared out of nowhere, with a guitar and bare feet. It can do everything: dance, sing, write, get famous boyfriends. It is a symbol of dedication. None of her productions passes unnoticed either in English or Spanish. Her thick voice contrasts with the sensuality of its subjects. The figure eclipsed the rest of the pop singers of his generation.

5. Julieta Venegas

A sweet girl with a naughty face. His music has similar characteristics. Born in the rock of the U.S. border with the band Tijuana No, but her solo career has a brightness separately. It is (right hand on the accordion) multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and lyricist. Pretty, smart and fine, is the girl everyone wants and the best friend of all.

6. Jeanette

Pop of the great era of the ballad in the ’70s. All for her look and voice of the yé-yé girl. His main success why going conquered the world to be part of the soundtrack of the film Cría cuervos by Carlos Saura. Of Spanish mother, his sweet tone of voice is similar to the of the Italian and French artists who sang in Spanish at that time.

7. Paulina Rubio

The rebel. The Mexican went by Timbiriche and soap operas before you color Dorado to undertake a solo career. Her style is the women’s fatal proof of the evils that men bring. Musically it injects its aggressive pop some doses of ranchera and regional Mexican music genres.

8. Martha Sanchez

Spanish sensuality. As in turn Paloma San Basilio, Sanchez left his great voice to the pop service. The issue works because its light songs his phenomenal voice need to transcend the market. Although usually, it is playful, you have sober appearances when the occasion warrants it.

9. Laura Pausini

The Group of Italians successfully in Spanish. Since its first successful loneliness is the voice of a romantic woman with issues devoted exclusively to love. Although repeated, her greatest hits are well-connected productions and his passionate voice never fails.

10. Gloria Trevi

The singer made madness. The Mexican is the true rebel of the genre. It has the voice of a girl with good manners, but onstage is a beast without control. Their electrifying songs are against established values and for women’s Liberation.

Published on: 8/10/20, 8:05 PM