How to Plan the Perfect Reception for Best Entertainment

Hope you can benefit from some of their ideas! 

 We were so busy making sure to visit with everyone, we didn’t get to spend much time together.” Don’t let that happen! Your friends will understand when they see you with each other instead of with them. Spend enough time together to soak it all in as a shared experience as it is meant to be! 

Make SURE that dinner is served on time! Make it very clear to your caterer that this is really important to you. Professional caterers will be very good with this but if you are having a friend or relative do the food, this is a big potential problem. 

Designate a “Party Starter”. If you have a best man or maid of honor or anyone who is well known in the group and pretty wild, ask them to help get the crowd up and going throughout the night! Sometimes even the best DJ in the world appreciates a little help from someone like this who knows many of the guests and knows how to get me going (especially the shy ones)! This is a very good idea that always helps make for a better “party”. 

Be flexible with your music! Allow the DJ to read the crowd!  Trying to program the entire evening’s music by choosing almost all the songs to be played almost never works! The odds are literally more than 800 billion to one against you being able to successfully program the evening. Please don’t do it! Quite honestly, out of over 100,000 events, we have had about 100 customers just refuse to listen and tell us that “We know what our friends like.” or “We want what we want.” and try this anyway. And out of those 100,000 events, the vast majority of those 100 ranks near the bottom in terms of successful events. It just doesn’t work! As they say “That’s why they call ‘em DJ’s and not Jukeboxes!” 

Have a good time yourselves! Your guests look to you to set the tone and if you are having fun dancing, they will too! If you don’t they may think this is a more formal affair and stay in their seats! 

Don’t ask a friend to be your photographer, videographer, or DJ! It sounds like a good idea, but what happens when they don’t do such a great job? Asking a favor like this puts a huge amount of pressure on the person, and even if they seem eager to help (and they most likely will think otherwise as the date gets closer, but feel too embarrassed to suggest you hire a pro) it’s not worth the risk. Still, think it’s a good idea? Please re-read this paragraph. See all the words like “pressure” “embarrassed”, “risk”? You don’t want words like that anywhere near your wedding! 

The most common mistake? If you haven’t booked Amore Videotaping Service, please give them a call. They may be able to cut you a good deal to avoid this happening to you someday.

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