There is one question that we should ask ourselves. Do we know everything about our own bodies? There are a few facts that will surprise you.

1. Our fingernails grow three to four times faster than our toenails: There is some interesting reason behind this fact that our fingers are busier than our to emails. Moreover, exposer to the sun and air increase its growth.

2. Our Eyelashes last about 150 days: In every 150 days, our eyelashes replenish itself. They re-grow until they reach the optimum length, fall out, and replenish themselves again. Though every human has a different shedding cycle, slightly in length. But after all, it’s a fact that’s why every human eyelash goes through this pattern.

3. You are taller in the morning than you are at night: Due to our normal activities during the day the cartilage in our knees and other areas slowly compresses. But when we go to sleep and rest the cartilage goes back to normal.

When you sleep, your spine is no longer subjected to the pressures of gravity, and your body is able to replenish lost fluids between your intervertebral discs, which stretch and relax. The excess fluid provides up to a half-inch more of height upon waking. This same force is at work when astronauts travel to outer space.

4. Children have more taste buds than adults: Not only children typically have around 10,000  tastebuds, while adults have about 5,000. But also children also react more strongly to flavours because they are more intense to their double amount of taste buds than they are to adults.

5. Your eyeballs are actually part of your brain: The eyes are the only part of the brain that can be seen directly. The optic nerve, a cable–like a grouping of nerve fibers, connects and transmits the visual information from the eye to the brain.

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